The most important thing to remember is that

Members are companies, not people.


All companies buy and sell stuff, and some offer services, so Members operate simultaneously in various roles. Your organisation has at least one sales person and one person who places orders, so your organisation no mater how large or how small operates in at least two of these roles.

Member as Buyer 

In this role, your Procurement and Finance departments use the platform to keep track of the compliance of their suppliers.

Member as Supplier

In this role, your Sales and Finance departments use the platform to make sure all your internal compliance documents are up to date so that you are registered as 100% compliant at all times to your customers.

Member as Managing Agent

In this role, your organisation is providing a management service to your Clients, so you are acting on their behalf.  For example, your Clients may have outsourced all their facility management or all their HR management to your organisation. Your organisation could be using be using the platform for

  • Facility Management - to manage all your Clients' Locations, Facilities, Suppliers, Contractors compliance as well as all Safety Datasheets 
  • HR Management - to manage all your Clients' employee compliance
  • WHS Management - to manage compliance across all your Clients employees and contractors.  

So depending on who is signed on to the platform, they are looking at the same information from a slightly different perspective.




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