Can you recommend what documents to load to maximise my chances of Pre-Approval?

You probably have a better idea of what's required in your industry than we do. To get a handle on things, we suggest you split it up as follows

  • Company
  • Staff
  • Product
  • Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E)

Potential buyers will first want to check your Company is compliant with

  • government regulations,
  • industry standards, and then
  • their own policies, e.g. do you have a Anti-Bullying policy and procedure. These types of policies are not government requirements, nor are they formal industry standards but some organisations are asking their suppliers whether they have them.  Some large customers ask for these types of documents to reduce risk in their supply chain reduce reduce potential damage to their brand.

We suggest you collect all your company related documents and load these, e.g. certificates of currency for insurances, company licences, company policies, any industry standards certificates etc.

If you supply services or contracting, buyers will want to check your Staff are compliant. We suggest you load all your staff related licences and certificates.

If you are providing Products, buyers will want to check that the products you are supply meet relevant standards or that batches meet agreed quality standards

Depending on the industry, buyers may want to check that the Property, Plant and Equipment you use to manufacture the products, provide the services or bring on to their site is compliant. This could includes things like vehicle registration documents, Test and Tag registers for portable electrical equipment, annual calibration certificates for scientific equipment, annual food safety audits for complete manufacturing sites, etc.

So to make the process less daunting, simply split the task into these four sections.  You probably have a far better idea of what is required in your industry than we do.   

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