What's a True Negative?

We use True Negatives, or self issued exemption certificates, to simplify the compliance matrix. It means we can apply a common rule across every item.

For example one of our clients in Australia ran an audit and discovered a number of buildings had no Hazardous Materials report. They spent a few weeks working out out if these buildings

  • are missing a crucial report or
  • don't need one because they were built after December 31st 2003. (Australian Code of Practice)

A simple True Negative statement solves this problem. For all buildings that don't require a Hazardous Materials report, they now have a simple a one page document, signed by a competent person, that states something along the lines of

They now simply need to check that 100% of their buildings has

  • Either a "Hazardous Materials report - True Negative statement"
  • Or a "Hazardous Materials report - None found"
  • Or a "Hazardous Materials report" with a "Hazardous Materials Management Plan and Hazardous Materials Register"
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