Thermal Imaging of electrical switchboards


Class Property Plant & Equipment
Also known as Thermography Report
Relevant Standards

AS 2467- 2008 Maintenance of Electrical switchgear

AS/NZS 3439.1:2002  Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies Type-tested and partially type-tested assemblies

How often does it need to be renewed


 3 Yearly

Where Applicable New Zealand

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Description and why do we need it

This report provides a heat map of an electrical switchboard and when analysed by a trained thermographer, can point to potential problems.  In Australia, Thermographers should be accredited to Australian Standard AS3998

Regular thermal imaging can detect potentially serious faults in electrical and mechanical equipment before they develop.


From the Vertical Asset Management article

Thermal Imaging on a new build is often a good idea to identify and rectify issues from the beginning. After the first year, and dependant on the industry and environment it could be reasonable to reduce the frequency to 3 yearly until the building hits 9 -10 years. After 9 years at least annual inspections would be recommended.

Most Insurance Companies not only recommend annual Thermal Imaging of electrical switchboards but some offer incentives to encourage such inspections.

Ask your insurance company about any incentives.!




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