RCD Residual Current Device


Class Property Plant & Equipment
Also known as Push Button Test
Relevant Standards

AS/NZS 37650:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment

How often does it need to be renewed


Depending on circumstances, 

  • Daily
  • Before every use
  • 3 monthly
  • 6 monthly
  • Yearly
  • Every 2 years
Where Applicable


New Zealand

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Description and why do we need it

Most main circuits in buildings are protected by RCD's and these need to be tested on a regular basis.  We recommend each organisation arrange for someone in their organisation to carry out User push button tests but a note of warning if you do, effectively the test turns off the electricity in a whole circuit so make sure that testing 

  • doesn't turn off a vital piece of equipment that needs constant power and if it does, consider buying an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS)
  • doesn't crash a pice of electrical equipment that needs to be shut down properly
  • warn everyopne who may be using equipment on that circuit that you will be testing it.


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