Fire Evacuation Procedure

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Do I need a Scheme or a Procedure?

The principle seems to be 

  • All buildings in New Zealand must have an Approved Scheme or a Procedure
  • Check to see if you need a Scheme at New Zealand Fire Services - Evacuation Schemes
  • If you don't need a scheme, you must have a Procedure.

What needs to be included in a Procedure?

From "Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006"

The procedure must provide for the occupants to be evacuated to a place or places of safety so that all the building’s occupants can be accounted for.

The owner of a building must ensure that information about the evacuation procedure is readily available to the building’s occupants, including information about—

  1. the routes of travel to the place or places of safety for the building; and
  2. the fire alarm signals used or available for use by the occupants; and
  3. any firefighting equipment available for use by the occupants.

The owner of a building must erect signs and notices at appropriate places in the building that clearly indicate the evacuation procedure for the building.

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