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Do I need an approved evacuation scheme?

According to the website (August 2017)

A building owner must ensure the building complies with the Fire Service Act 1975 ("Act") and the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 ("Regulations"). Some buildings, if they are used in whole or part for one or more of the following purposes, must have an approved evacuation scheme:

  • the gathering together, for any purpose, of 100 or more persons
  • providing employment facilities for 10 or more persons
  • providing accommodation for more than 5 persons (other than in 3 or fewer household units)
  • a place where hazardous substances are present in quantities exceeding the prescribed minimum amounts (set out in Schedule 2 of the Regulations), whatever the purpose for which the building is used
  • providing early childhood facilities (other than in a household unit)
  • providing nursing, medical, or geriatric care (other than in a household unit)
  • providing specialised care for people with disabilities (other than in a household unit)
  • providing accommodation for persons under lawful detention (not being persons subject to home detention)

Owners of buildings with an automatic sprinkler system (which meets the criteria set out in the Regulations) and which are only used for either (2) or (3) (but not both of those uses) do not need an approved scheme. However, owners of those buildings must give the National Commander notice that the building does not need an evacuation scheme, in the form set out in the Regulations.

Notification of Approval 

All Fire Evacuation Schemes must be approved by New Zealand Fire Services. Once you have an approved evacuation scheme, you must ensure everything described in the scheme is maintained.

  • If your approved evacuation scheme is online, the reference number will begin with 'EV'
  • If your approved evacuation scheme is not online, the reference number will begin with 'MUEV'

We recommend that all Schemes are reviewed and re-issued every 5 years.  

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