Form 12A incl non completion

VERY IMPORTANT: A Form 12A is not a BWOF (Form 12)

Class Property Plant and Equipment
Also Known as  
Relevant Standards New Zealand Building Act 2004
How often does it need to be renewed Yearly
Where Applicable New Zealand

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Description and why do we need it

To issue a BWOF (Form 12) you need to collect multiple Form 12A's. Each Form 12A  is the "Certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures" for a specific piece of fire safety equipment or collection of equipment like fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc. 

What's a non completion Form?

At times it is impossible to sign off on a Form 12 because the building may be undergoing renovation, earthquake strengthening work. In this case it's useful to obtain a "Non completion of Form 12A" i.e a true negative.

In this case ask the IQP for a document that states

  • if there was any period during the 12 months that all maintenance checks were carried out, for example all weekly and monthly checks could have been carried out before renovation work was started.
  • List the systems that had been maintained prior to renovation work
  • Clearly state why the Form 12A could not be issued, e.g.  "XYZ was not able to test these system from [Start date] to [Today's date] as we were unable to access the premises.  The building is undergoing renovation and  these systems have been disconnected for the duration" or something along these lines.
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