Policies, Procedures, Template Forms and Completed Forms

Policy is a clear, simple statement of how your organisation intends to conduct its services, actions or business. They provide a set of guiding principles to help with decision making. They do not need to be long or complicated – a page or a couple of sentences may be all that is required for each policy area.

Procedure describe how each policy is put into action in your organisation. Each procedure should outline:

  • Who will do what
  • What steps they need to take
  • Which forms or documents to use.

Procedures might just be a few bullet points or instructions. Sometimes they work well as forms, checklists, instructions or flowcharts.

Template Forms are the template blank documents to be completed as part of the procedure.

Completed Form are all the forms completed as part of the procedure.

The Manual is simply the collection of all of the above.  Maybe with electronic filing, we don't need manuals anymore.

Review periods

We recommend reviewing policies, procedures and forms at least every 5 years to ensure they are all up to date and relevant with each other.

  Recommended review period Comments
Policy Every 2-5 years Depending on the importance of the policy or the risk that the policy is addressing, these should be reviewed every 2-5 years.  It also depends on how quickly your organisation is growing. 
Procedure Every 2-5 years
Template Forms Every 2-5 years Forms don't often change but they should be checked whenever the policy or procedure changes.
Completed Forms Never.  Once a form is competed it does not need to be reviewed, just filed.


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